Выбор котла отопления для дома

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Выбор котла отопления для дома

Сегодня на современном рынке предлагается масса разнообразных котлов заграничных и отечественных производителей. Как же сделать правильный выбор и не ошибиться? Не просчитаться со стоимостью отопительного котла…


Largely on the cost of heating affects the complexity of installation. Regardless, installation should only be performed by professionals because it is primarily associated with the…

Artery heating systems

Currently, there are a wide range of pipelines. They are made from different materials. All heating systems were applied on steel or cast iron pipe. Currently…

Modern radiators for rooms

Battery for any heating system are an integral part of it. Not so long ago, almost all buildings used cast iron radiators. Today things have changed,…

One of the modern methods of heating

During the device warm floor pipes are in screed, but they can also be placed in the wall under the top layer of finishing material. In…

Electricity as fuel for boiler

If in a particular district or even on a particular street there is no gas supply in this situation, many private home owners have to decide…

Autonomous gas heating

Of course, this type of heating is today the most reliable and convenient option. In addition, gas is an economical energy source, and this factor is…

The calculation of the required boiler power

Today the market offers a variety of heat sources. In some situations, perfectly suited wall-hung boiler, in other cases you will need to install the outdoor…

Collector the heating circuit

In such a system each radiator is supplied as a separate supply and return piping. The boiler they are grouped with the help of collectors. Due…

Отопление водоснабжение котельная:

  1. Principal schemes of water movement
  2. One-pipe circuit heating
  3. Two-pipe circuit heating

Two-pipe circuit heating

The main characteristic of this system is the presence of supply and return piping. If the object is created with a dual-pipe scheme of heating, the…

Отопление водоснабжение котельная:

  1. Principal schemes of water movement
  2. One-pipe circuit heating

One-pipe circuit heating

In such systems, there is only one pipeline. It connects the boilers for heating and radiators in rooms that are consistently concerning it. At the same…

Отопление водоснабжение котельная:

  1. Principal schemes of water movement

Principal schemes of water movement

Currently, different objects apply the natural and forced circuit for the device of the heating system. The types differ according to the method of circulation of…

Качественный монтаж.

Качественное автономное отопление дома

ООО ДИЗАЙН ПРЕСТИЖ проведет качественный монтаж автономного отопления частного дома, при необходимости предоставляются оборудование и работы в кредит.

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